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Hi I'm Adi a 3.5 year old guy with ASD? PDD NOS?? Aspergers ???? #@!$%*. My Dad is ghostwriting for me presently.

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Despite the lack of computer/net saviness, I try to scout around for freeware downloadable educational software for my kid. (Freeware for the uninitiated is software that is available free of cost, and can be downloaded. Shareware gives only a trailer or the download is available for a limited period). The nice thing about freeware is that since it is done for non-commercial interests, the quality is often good, and at times even better than commercial software.

I've been furnishing the download links in the pan Indian autism related yahoo support groups that I'm a member of (Autism India Network and India Development disabilities). Am reproducing these at one place in the blog here in the fond hope that it benefits some other kids as well. All the links below have a size of around 1MB, thus the download time is low, less costly, and takes lesser space in the PC.

Unfortunately the shareware links have a time/use limitation, but luckily are re-downloadable.

Though meant for NT kids, I feel most of these have enough features and visuals to attract the kids with high functioning autism as well. Worth a try in any case I guess as you never know what might interest the kid.

-Sebran's ABC and Little Serban (Freeware)
Link :

Little Serban is for toddlers (I could not download it due to technical hitches) and Sebran's ABC is for slightly older kids, but covers alphabets, word games etc. Nice simple visuals and soft music in the background . (Incidentally the site also has some other downloads like geography lessons etc)

-Markov Kids drawing program ( around 700 KB): (Freeware)

Lovely freeware drawing and painting software with plenty for variety.
-Face toon (around 800 KB)

A simple software wherein the eyes, ears nose etc are to be click dragged on a face, in turn creating a cartoon like character (though often grotesque)
Ten Amazing fruits

A variant of facetoon, wherein a fruit is there in lieu of the face. The cartoons created are not grotesque.

I hope this bridges the NT/Special needs dilemma a bit, as these software are for NT kids, which can be used by special needs kids as well. Like NT kids, at least some of them also need variations and newness, and get bored of older ones.

Am putting the shareware sites as a separate blog as this one is turning out to be a wee bit too long.

An appeal to all fellow parents to post about similar freeware/shareware links, which are downloadable.

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