Trying to learn things from my son, than teaching him, forcing him, spanking him, nagging him, cribbing about him. A journey called Life, with My wife Shiny and my Spoit Brat Aditya.

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Fourty or Forty, spelling lessonClick to hide.

Just do a google for Fourty forty before you read, just to let you know that most of us make this mistake
How is the word 40 spelled?
Is it fourty or forty

We had tussle this morning for the correct spelling of the number 40. My son Aditya had written on his note book as forty and he started swearing that his class teacher had taught him as forty, My wife and me were not sure, I was thinking it was fourty.
If you had got it right, I should say you are genius
After referring wikipedia for forty  we started congratulating for the right answer, Well he was proud of his answer, We trouble this young guy badly. Well sounds like our fundamentals are wrong.

Thanks Aditya...
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pls spell chcek fo sholok

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Hi Im Abhishek(6 yers) I Love to see Pogo Chal Speically MAD . B cus Rob
I Loveeeeeeee UUUU Moreeeee
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